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About Us

Christa Mohr and Richard Koch, a German couple, who for some years engaged in the trade of jewels and precious stones in their country for over 40 years, decided to open in 2008 in Funchal a store of the same sector.

They have been visiting Madeira for over 30 years and from this holiday passion came the intention to extend their business in the Island.The scope of the store is a little different from traditional jewelers of Madeira.

At "Brilhivitrine" customers find an interesting variety of jewelry, watches, crystals, precious stones and silver decorative items. The store offers pieces with a varied value, and you can find things at affordable prices for everyone's pocket, but also of great value, more targeted to an upper middle class.

Another store feature is to have for sale high quality articles in second hand and various antiques - "jewels are eternal and do not lose value...", whether in jewelry, whether in gold watches.

A market that has become quite popular in recent years, particularly in Europe.

Best price in diamond, jewelry in Madeira